Covid Booster Programme/Over 65 Flu Vaccinations

The Covid booster programme has started and we will work through the priority groups as we did before starting at group 1 and finishing with group 9. Information about the priority groupings can be found here https://bit.ly/3hFBi6C


  • There are 3 different ways your covid vaccine booster will be booked in North Hampshire

            By a direct text from our service inviting you to book

            By booking through our dedicated advice line. Please call                      0333 332 0855 between 10am and 4pm on weekdays to book.

            By calling 119. Our service is now registered on the National                  Booking service


  • Most vaccinations will take place at Jameson House, RG24 8AG. (There are smaller clinics happening twice monthly in Alton to support) 


Update on the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme
We know that following the national Government announcement that the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme is due to be opened to a wider group of people that many of you understandably are keen to know when you will be able to have your vaccination. 

The NHS is working quickly to respond to the new variant (Omicron) and to put in place the next and most complex phase of the successful COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Following updated guidance from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) the NHS will shortly set out how staff will expand the booster programme – this will include how booster jabs will be given in priority order so that the most vulnerable people are protected first, while also increasing capacity to vaccinate millions more people in a shorter space of time. 

The NHS will contact you when you are due to book in for your lifesaving booster vaccination, and when you get the call, it’s vital that people come forward as quickly as possible.

Could we please ask people NOT TO call the practice to ask about their vaccine as this takes away our staff from responding to people who need health care. Please could we ask you to continue to remain patient and respectful with our staff as they work hard to support the community. 


Welcome to Crown Heights Medical Centre

Crown Heights Medical Centre is a long established medical practice serving the residents of Basingstoke and its surrounding villages.  We are located on Alencon Link between the Railway and Bus Stations. We can be accessed by car, but car parking is extremely limited on site and is only for up to one hour. However, there is parking at Festival Place, which is a flat 50 metre walk across the footbridge.  May we ask you to consider the elderly and disabled before parking on site unless you are very ill and feel that you cannot access our premises from Festival Place?

Our practice currently enjoys the support of 18 doctors and a full practice nursing team from 21 individual consulting rooms and 2 dedicated nursing suites.  We offer a full range of primary care services and welcome new patients.

We are, along with Odiham Health Centre, a member of the Mosaic Healthcare Primary Care Network. 

COVID-19 Booster Vaccine North Hampshire – we will contact you when it is your turn

In line with the latest national JCVI guidance, we are now rolling out the COVID-19 booster vaccine programme across North Hampshire to those who are eligible – we will be following the guidelines in the order and eligibility given.

The North Hampshire CCG has been working hard to get ready for the next phase of the roll out of the life-saving vaccine.

Please wait to be contacted by us to be invited for your booster. Please don’t contact us, we will contact you.

 It is important to note that even if you fall within one of the early cohorts (due to your age or existing health conditions) you will only be eligible for your COVID-19 booster vaccine at least 6 months after your second vaccine dose.

You will receive a text message from us when it is your turn to book. You will be asked to book via the National Booking Service and you will not be able to book until you are at 6 months or beyond the date of your second dose.

We will be delivering the booster doses of the vaccine from Jameson House in North Hampshire and this is your local GP led vaccination site.

Health and social care workers

You will be invited for your booster vaccine by one of our vaccination services. If you have not heard anything and you are more than a week beyond your 6 month point from your second dose please call our dedicated call centre on 0333 332 0855


Still not had your first or second COVID-19 vaccine jab? There’s still time.

There is still time to get your COVID-19 jab. Appointments can be booked through the National Booking Service by calling 119 or by visiting


When booking please search for JAMESON HOUSE, which is your local GP led vaccine site

If you have any issues with booking or think you are due a 3rd dose of covid vaccination due to a specific condition please call our dedicated advice line on 0333 332 0855 between 10am-4pm to book


In the past few months the number of calls we have been receiving has increased, resulting in all our lines becoming busy (previously we always had some capacity). We have now become aware, dependant on the network you are calling from, that patients are either being informed they have dialled a wrong number or the number is unobtainable. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this immediately but we are working with our system supplier to establish how this can avoided.

In the meantime please do continue to try as our lines are working.

Emails from Patient Access

We have received reports from both Patient Access users and people who have never registered for the service, that they have received Covid passport emails purporting to be from Patient Access.  

We would like to share the following guidance from Patient Access for your information.  

We advise users of Patient Access to check the name and email address of the sender, all emails from Patient Access will come via an email address that ends in @patientaccess.com. We advise users never to click on any log in links that you receive via email but to visit the site via the address bar of your browser instead so that you know you are on the genuine Patient Access log in page. You can find more information and guidance on our information security page here: https://www.patientaccess.com/security  

We strongly advise users to set up their Memorable Word security feature, as well as using biometrics (fingerprint ID) if they use the app.  

Email addresses used to register for Patient Access account are secure. We do not share any data and no data is ever saved or stored on any device you use to access Patient Access.

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