Coronavirus Information

We Are Open

..but the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has forced us all to work differently to help slow down the spread of the virus.

All healthcare settings are taking special measures to protect you, the public and their staff. GP practices are working as hard as ever, but differently. Where possible we want to avoid people having to wait inside a waiting room together, as we know this increases the risk of the virus spreading.

Like hospitals and dentists, GP practices have also had to change how we offer our services to you. If you do need to come in, then the GP practice can ensure there are a minimal number of people in the practice, maintain social distancing and keep patients and staff safe.

The easiest and most effective method is to use e-Consult through the practice website, or you can telephone. You will then be contacted by a clinician to talk through your symptoms either over the phone, via email, or if needed and you have the available technology, through a video consultation.


Most patient’s health concerns can be managed over the phone or via video consultation. This is why practices are providing patients with either an initial phone call or video consultation to decide what would be the best way to help. If practices can support you without needing you to come into the practice itself, then this reduces the need for you to travel, and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

If you do need a face-to-face appointment, you will be invited to attend the practice.

If you have suspected Covid-19 symptoms and, following a telephone assessment, need to have a further face-to-face appointment, this may take place at Old Basing surgery. 

If you need to have a non-Covid-19 related face to face appointment and do not have any Covid-19 symptoms, you will still be able to access your usual surgery. However, please be aware that this may change dependent of staff availability.

Thank you for adapting to this method of working and for helping to keep fellow patients and staff safe.

Covid 19 Booster and Flu

The covid vaccination programme in North Hampshire has successfully delivered vaccines to our adult and more recently young adult population. The practices in North Hampshire have worked together through our site at Jameson house in Chineham (and previously the Hampshire Court Hotel) to do this.


As we move into Autumn, we start to prepare for a covid booster vaccination for those at greater risk. Current indications are that we will be offering a covid booster vaccine to our cohorts 1-9 (the over 50 and those with underlying health conditions). Importantly it is likely that we will be giving these covid boosters at least six months after your last vaccine and this will begin in September and run through until the new Year.


Many of our patients will also be due to receive flu vaccines around the same time as they would do every year from their home practice.


As we begin to start to welcome our patients back for their covid booster we are also planning to give them their flu jab at the same time at the same visit. The JCVI, who review the evidence for vaccination, support giving the two vaccines at the same time.


Therefore we can announce that if you are over 65 you will be receiving your flu jab at the same time as your covid booster appointment.


If you are under 65 you will likely be invited to a flu clinic sooner than when you would be due your covid booster and therefore your home practice will be organising a flu clinic for you as normal.


There are many benefits that we would see for giving the flu and covid vaccinations for our over 65s at the same time:


  • A single visit for our over 65 patients to our site to receive both vaccinations
  • Supporting practices by administering the flu vaccines on their behalf
  • Sharing of flu vaccine between practices to reach those who are most vulnerable and ensuring we do this as quickly as we can.


We know that some patients will be used to and expecting to have their flu jab at their home practice. The North Hampshire Clinical directors feel by combining the flu and covid vaccines together this is the best way we can support our patients to get their vaccines efficiently and safely, whilst ensuring we can continue to deliver our normal primary care services to you without interruption.


The success of the initial vaccination programme was due to the practices working together to deliver it. By working together for the booster campaign we aim to replicate the very high uptake of vaccination and positive experience our patients have had through our site at Jameson House.